Giving God Your “Awl”

The Old Testament has some pretty interesting stories that have a deep message if you really look for it.  I was reading this passage below today and wanted to share with you a pretty awesome revelation.  Some of this was also taken from a Podcast by Jentzen Franklin (I want to give credit where credit is due).  It is simply entitled, “Giving God your “Awl.”  You might be asking, what is an awl anyway?  It was a long pointed spike. This type of spike was typically put through the ear lobe.  If you’ve ever seen the movie King Kong, the people on the mysterious Island had many awl piercings similiar to this type of piercing below.  Take a look at the scriptures below:

“If you buy a Hebrew slave, he may serve for no more than six years. Set him free in the seventh year, and he will owe you nothing for his freedom. If he was single when he became your slave, he shall leave single. But if he was married before he became a slave, then his wife must be freed with him.

“If his master gave him a wife while he was a slave and they had sons or daughters, then only the man will be free in the seventh year, but his wife and children will still belong to his master. But the slave may declare, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children. I don’t want to go free.’ If he does this, his master must present him before God. Then his master must take him to the door or doorpost and publicly pierce his ear with an awl. After that, the slave will serve his master for life.” Exodus 21:2-6

Why would a slave ever want to give up His freedom? He had fulfilled his obligation, he could go free after 7 years.  It was because the slave loved his mater, he loved his wife and he loved his children, that he chose to stay and be the property of the master.  The awl in his ear was a sign to everyone that he was a servant that chose to stay a slave of his own free will, because he loved his master. We are to love our Master, Jesus Christ, we are to love our spouse and our children.  It’s not about obligation. We choose to serve God, because we love Him with our all (Awl). 

When the servant’s ear was pierced with the awl, it represents to us today that when we love the master, He has our ear. It effects what, and how we hear.  Who has your ear?  Think about it… who influences you the most?  When you serve God with your all, it means God has your ear.  You listen to God more than the advice of others. If people are telling you its the right thing to do, but God’s Word says it’s wrong, then you do what God’s Word says!  He wants us to serve him with our all. Does God have your ear?

Did you know that God still speaks today!  He will speak to you if you are willing to take time to listen.  When the Master has your ear, you hear things other people don’t hear!  We hear God’s voice when we take time to get quiet in His presence, when we pray, read the Bible, and listen to His Word.  Do you need to hear God’s voice today?  Do you need direction in your life?  God wants to speak to you… just slow down long enough to listen.

“The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me.”  John 10:27

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your [mind and] heart and with your entire being and with all your might.” Deuteronomy 6:5

When you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind & strength you are loving God in 3D.  Have you ever seen a 3D movie?  The images on the screen come alive, and become up close and real to you.  Are you just going through the motions of life lately?  Just doing what you have to do, to get by?  Is life feeling empty, lifeless?  Christianity becomes real to you when you begin to serve God with your all,  up close and personal.  When you give God your all, it takes it off the screen of the mundane and puts it into reality.  You don’t just go to church.  When you give God your all you gain your freedom.  You are more free being a servant of Christ than being free to do whatever your flesh wants to do.  You will be a servant to someone, or something in this life.  Choose Christ!

When you are serving God with your all, He has your heart.  God looks at our heart anyway.  He’s not looking for a perfect person, He’s  looking for people with a heart after God.  How long has it been since you asked God to revive you, to stir you up?  Why do we run to God the most when we experience a tragedy or set back?   We need to run to Him when everything is going fine, just like we do when things are tough.  Serve Him with your all!  I am challenging you today to make a fresh committment to go after God will your ALL.  If you haven’t been going to church, start going regularly, spend time with God, get into the Word of God, be passionate about your relationship with God and watch your life come alive! 

Start living in 3D 🙂


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