She’s been injected with a cow for goodness sake!



I got a call from my Mom today.  She lives in the great State of Texas, unfortunately, she happens to be allergic to everything there!  She suffers from chronic sinus infections and today was the day she would find the long awaited answers for her condition.  She made a visit to her allergy doctor to have some good old allergy testing done.  For those of you who know nothing about allergy testing let me enlighten you.  They literally inject you with everything under the sun that you could possibly be allergic to, and then sit back to see if you will blow up like a whale and explode.  My heart goes out to my Mom today.  She endured over 60 different injections of pine trees, grass, weeds, eggs, milk, poultry, birds, cats, dogs, horses, roaches and oh my gosh cows!  How many people do you know that have been injected with a cow? Maybe more than we know… Needless to say she has a terrible headache, an upset stomach and her arms and back are swollen to the hilt. 

She now understands that she is allergic to everything in Texas and needs to seriously consider relocating to hmmmm… how about Minnesota, where I am 🙂  It is after all in the best interest for her health.

All who agree with me LIKE this post! I love you Mom 🙂 And drink lots of water today! 🙂


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