Zipper the Cat

I am a Texas born girl living in chilly Minnesota. I love coffee, who doesn’t really? I like movies that make me laugh, not cry. I have a cat named

 Zipper, but he loves my husband more…so I am still trying to talk my husband into letting me get a dog. One day I will win that battle.     Zipper gets himself locked in the closet, bathroom and other random places frequently … it’s usually Jonathan that sentences him to solitary confinement for hours at a time.  Zipper always makes it out safe & sound.  Have you ever met a cat that was obsessed with water from the shower or tub? Well Zipper is …. and he lets us know it several times a day.  If he could speak English his favorite word would be WATER.  I think our water bill is seriously affected by this disorder, needless to say little Zip keeps our life interesting and fun for sure.  

I love the Lord. I like to encourage people and make the world a better place. 

Thanks for reading my blog! Enjoy!




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